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Every year my employer pays for all their employees and families to attend the local amusement park (OK, it’s the only amusement park in Utah) My kids look forward to this every year because we just don’t go that often.  As they get older it’s become more fun for my wife and I as they get to ride the “real” rides, and more importantly they bring friends so we don’t have to ride with them. I’ve done them all and I’m old enough now that I don’t have the need to feel my stomach in the back of my throat -thank you very much.

This also happens to be the  first year I’ll have a “real”camera with me. I’ve used my trusty Canon Powershot A720IS for the last four years, and this time I’ve got the D7000 and a desire to really get some fun shots now that I can focus faster, take continuous shots, and have a longer reach with the 18-200mm.

And this  time I want to try something new, not just one thing but a whole bunch of things.  So I’m making a “shoot list”, I’m doing this because the last two major photo ops I had I forgot to take panoramas, which is really a shame because they could’ve been really great shots of some fun subjects. Guess what’s on top of the list?  I was also listening to a podcast today that talked about overcoming your fear and shooting tons, knowing that much of what you shoot is going to be crap but you learn from each shot and you have to take the chance and push yourself. It was this episode of  Q&A with Faded and Blurred where they interviewed Ibarionex Perello about this subject and his new book “Chasing the Light” I definitely have a fear of photographing people so that’s second on my list and probably the one I’ll have the hardest time with, last year I missed a great shot of a man wearing a Walmart shopping bag over his head (It was raining) I had the camera in my hands, it was turned on and I was too scared (of offending him) to lift it and click.I’m hoping the 200mm helps out a bit with this one… If not it’s time to “nut up or shut up” Bonus points for knowing what movie that’s from.

I’m posting my list so that I have some accountability to get some shots and to share them. No matter how horrible they are I will get at least one example of all these, so here’s the list:

Panoramas: Entrance, Midway, Rides, Pioneer Village (a western themed area in the park)

People shots!! ( I know -vague- but I’m leaving it open unless I find myself stuck, then I’ll assign a narrowed topic/subject)

HDR: Everything and anything is fair game, although it’ll be hard as I’m not sure about tripods in the park (nothing on their website mentions them) or if I want to carry it all day and I haven’t gotten a larger gorillapod yet. I might just wing it during the day and carry it in at night.

Time Lapse: rides, night time, midway games area etc. I’ll most likely use my P&S for this as it sets up easily, and I can use and carry my mini tripod or gorillapod for this and still be able to shot with the D7000 while waiting. And the smaller images make processing them easier!

Long Exposure: rides, games, night panos hopefully some panning shots and zoom exposures since I haven’t been able to try that before.

That’s plenty for now I think and most likely much more than I’ll be able to do, but it’s worth trying, and as long as I don’t forget to take the list  I’ll have some success.

Wish me luck!