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Do you listen to Podcasts?

If you are interested in photography, and especially if you want to learn more then you really should be listening to podcasts.
I first started listening to podcasts by accident and it believe it or not it was Harry Potter that got me started. My brother sent me a link to the Pottercast podcast so I could download and listen to some of the Harry Potter news/rumors as the wait for book 7 seemed to last forever. It just so happened that as I was downloading I saw some sidebar link for other podcasts and I ended up at some page that had a listing of a ton of available podcasts. I noticed entries under “photography podcast” on the list and I haven’t looked back, in fact I follow so many that it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming, and I miss hearing some altogether.

I have the fortune I guess you’d say of being able to listen to my MP3 player for my entire shift at work, it helps cut out the background noise, and I find that it helps time flyby faster. So I load it  up with my favorite tunes and a bunch of podcasts and hit random and away we go for 9 hours a night. My first podcast was Photofocus and even though I only had a point and shoot camera for over 4 years I was able to learn and apply so much just from the answers of that one podcast that it will always be at the top of my list.

So enough of the background lets get to the list:

Photofocus –  Q&A style with special guests and listener questions, this is where I learned so much!! It gets repetitive but it’s worth it!

This Week In Photo (TWIP) my 2nd podcast and a personal fav! Great news, tips and discussion along with some Q&A

Digital Photo Experience – Rick Sammon and Juan Pons off shoot of Ricks appearances on Photofocus mostly Q&A with great interviews.

Photography.ca – A podcast I found only recentyl but is quickly becoming a favorite! Short episodes with 1-2 topics only and very nice information and interviews.

Tips From The Top Floor – A german who’s the granddaddy of Photo podcasting! interesting format short but fun

The Martin Bailey Podcast – A Brit in Japan, no I’m serious he’s a great photographer and his podcasts cover everything from his pics to business and interviews.

Faded and Blurred– a great podcast full of interviews with amazing photographers.

The Digital Story – Derrick Story’s podcast covers awide range of topics and is a very stable/regular podcast he has a great web presence that’s fun to take part in.

Mostly Photo – Leo LaPorte’s new podcast focusing on Photography,  Lisa Bettany is his permanent co-host they have great interviews and contests, has a video component.

About Photography – Ed Verosky is a NY based portrait/boudoir photographer that has great episodes for beginners. (Some web site stuff is NSFW I always scroll cautiously)

That’s my top ten!

Here are some others,  they’re all great and I don’t think any less of them it’s just that on any list something’s got to be first right?! So if 10 wasn’t enough here are a few more:

Lens Flare35, The Lens Wipe, Exif and Beyond,New to Photo, The Candid Frame, Camera Dojo.

There are many, many more and a quick google search will prove it. BTW I don’t use itunes but a search in it will show that all these have itune feeds if that’s what you use. Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite podcast(s) are.

Now go download, listen, and learn!