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My first exposure to flickr was while investigating the CHDK firmware hack for Canon point & shoots. One member had some examples of HDR (this was also my first exposure to HDR as well) on the CHDK site linked to his flickr account. One visit was all it took to see the great potential of such a website/idea, fast forward a few minutes and I was flickr’s newest member. Did you know that if you have a yahoo email you already have a flickr account? It’s free to join and use, so go check it out!

A few hours later I had found a local group that did photowalks, the Photowalking Utah Group. What is a photowalk? It’s a group of photographers that meet at a specific location and start shooting, it can be for a certain amount of time, it can travel from place to place, or can be a workshop. The point of it is to see what other photographers who are at the same place and time as you “see” differently or even the same as you. You share them either in person or as with our group you share them in the group pool.

The latest photowalk was scheduled for 6:30am Saturday (May 21) morning, yeah you read that right 6:30AM! I am not a morning person, I work the night shift and I’m a big proponent that all activities (including waking up) should be banned until the sun has completely cleared the horizon. So like a true phot nut I was up at 5:45am getting dressed throwing down a small breakfast to avoid fainting later and rushing out the door for the 20 minute drive to the “UVU Auto show and Swap meet at Thanksgiving Point”

I made it just in time for the group photo and walked around the swap meet as we waited for the gates to the auto show itself to open. We had hoped to get in before the crowds hence the early start but they wouldn’t let our group in early. I caught a few keepers from the piles of rusted metal and eclectic knick knacks before heading in to see the rows of chrome and paint.

Little Horse

"This ain't no museum..."

Rusty Spokes

And Here are a few shiny objects to distract you
Grand old Porsche on the Hill_BW
Tail Fin
Lupe Deluxe Detail
angel headpiece
V8 logo Detail
Red Hot Rod - HDR
Orange F100 - HDR
Ford Lupe Deluxe - HDR
Patriotic Hot Rod - HDR
Bike row - HDR
57Bel Air Red -HDR

Even more can be seen at my

Car Show & Swap Meet Photowalk 5-21-2011 set