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No this is not a political statement. What I’m saying is get off the green mode on your camera. See that picture to the right? That’s the last and only time I’ve had my camera in Auto and only because it came that way.

So why am I hating on Auto? well to be blunt Auto is lazy! You’re leaving your picture choices (save composition) up to a bunch of engineers, who have tried to think of the “one size fits all” solution to photographs. This takes your ability to create and throws it out the window. In later posts we’ll see how the “one size fits all” mantra is applied in many different areas of our DSLRs, and how we need to take control of the camera back from the engineers who built and programmed them.  I’ll describe each mode later in more detail, but for now I want you to swear that you’ll never shoot in Auto again! You’ve got a DSLR, one of the most amazing and versatile  pieces of electronic awesomeness in your hands. Why are you using it like a $100 point and shoot? You bought this so you could take better shots than with your old P&S so don’t be afraid to turn that little dial, and make some magic.

No Fear!!